General Store is where you will find great cash and carry items ranging from handcrafted goods to food and artisans products.

Company Website Booth #
Medallion Home Improvement Inc. GS01
The Art of Nova Scotia GS02
Mad Cap Hats  GS04
Muskoka Twig GS05
Worldview Studio and Gallery of Fine Art GS06
Snell House Foods GS07
Fraktals Chocolate GS10
Canadian Beeseal – Callabus Boutique  GS11
Campfire Stix GS12
Sticks and Boards GS13
Lyme Defenses GS14
Maisons d’Oiseaux GS15
Everythingnice GS16
Art by Prokofiev  GS19
Burn Island GS23
Carved By the Sea GS24
Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. GS25
MadMatters GS26
Janet Cann Pottery  GS27
Riverwood Acoustics GS29
Arkenstone Landscapes GS30
Reiner’s Originals GS33
Carmichael Meats GS34

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