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The Cottage Garden will feature a variety native and pollinator friendly shoreline plants, shrubs and trees that you can plant at the cottage. Learn how to re-wild your shoreline and the importance of native gardens at the cottage.

Our current crisis of biodiversity loss is not a product of one catastrophic event, but the result of thousands of small individual actions. The solution to halting and reversing the loss of nature needs to occur from thousands of small individual actions.By reversing the loss of biodiversity we are not only protecting nature, but also our own well-being.

Many of us take care of a small piece of Canada. It could be a farm, a cottage property or a few square metres in an urban backyard. These examples are not wilderness or wildlife preserves, these places, our places, are all still a part of nature. And our places have a role in conservation.

Pollinators ensure the quality of our plants and food supply. Humans need insects to maintain our quality of life. But pollinators are also vital in creating and maintaining the habitats and ecosystems that many animals rely on for food and shelter.

By planting native more native plants and trees at the cottage, not only are pollinators provided vital habitats, birds are provided important stopover sites, and our water and air quality are better filtered. Small individual actions such as introducing more native plants into our own natural spaces, is one fun and simple way to be part of the solution and help reverse the loss of nature..

Located in Hall 4

Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy of Canada

A complete list of plants that will be showcased in the garden will be made available on March 10.


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